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Baby Shower Invitations: Get off on the right foot!

 The invitations you send out for a baby shower really set the tone of the whole event!  


Invitations are the first thing guests see and gives them the first impression of what the shower is going to be like.  Just like the old expression, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” you want to make sure the baby shower invitations you select are appropriate for the type of baby shower you are hosting.


There are many different ways to approach a baby shower invitation.  If your shower is going to be a more formal event, you can order some professionally printed invitations.  Just by checking out the links below, you can get some ideas for verses for baby shower invitation.


If the shower date has yet to be determined, you don’t have to settle for cheap store bought invitations.  Most online stationary companies offer fill in baby shower invitations  that you can have almost every detail personalized and just hand write in the date!  These are perfect for showers that take place after the baby is born.  After all, you just never know what that bundle of joy will decide to make his or her appearance!


Shower invitations come in a wide variety of themes.  You can get them with everything from airplane, classic pooh, ballerina, Noah’s ark and horse themes.  If the shower is for twins, there are special invitations just for them!  I’ve even seen some precious twin baby shower invitations with 2 baby footprints on them.  


When you go online to order them, be sure to look at the shower invitation samples to see the different wording you can use.  Just be sure when you order the invitations, you don’t put your personal preferences before that of the new mom!  Keep her in mind to make this special occasion one she will treasure.  Also be sure to double check spelling!  Have someone else look everything over before you click the payment button.  Once you submit the orders, few companies will refund anything if spelling errors were your fault!


Don’t forget the mom-to-be who is adopting a child!  Many adoptive moms can feel left out when they don’t have the same “rites-of-passages” as birth mothers do.  Make her feel extra special with a baby shower invitation that celebrates the uniqueness of being an adoptive mom.  My favorite verse I have heard for adoption shower invitations is that while the baby didn’t grow in her tummy, the baby grew in her heart!  How sweet is that?

Remember that the first impression guests get of the baby shower is the invitation!  Choose wisely!