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Stop Exercising And Start Playing

 Have you ever berated yourself because you didn’t exercise yet again today? Have you felt that creeping guilt in the back of your mind when you climb into bed knowing you didn’t follow through on your workout plan?

Well, it’s possible that you are not at fault. You may just be acting like a normal human being. 

Take a moment to imagine how it feels to be…

1) In a hot, sweaty gym full of people who are grunting through their routines, sweating all over the equipment, and strutting their bodies around in front of the mirrors. 


2) Rounding a curve in the trail with a light breeze gently caressing your skin in the soft evening air. 

How about the difference between…

1) Running around an oval track gasping for air and feeling your lungs burning. 


2) Racing up and down a soccer field fully challenged by the game and having a blast with your friends.

It’s not difficult to decide which choices would be more enjoyable to most people. Our culture has taught us to suffer as we exercise. “No pain, no gain” has been the mantra for years.

The only problem is that for most people, “pain” is not a daily choice we’re willing to make. The natural human tendency is to do things that are fun, things that feel good. Forcing ourselves to do miserable exercise routines goes directly against our own nature.

An easy way out of that trap is to play more. Find ways of moving the body that are wildly fun or rewarding to the soul. 

Dance around your house. Take a nature walk. Fly a kite. Go to the park with the kids and play some tetherball.

Make the choice to move every day because it’s fun and feels great. Choose to move because it make you feel healthy and strong and vibrant. You’ll find you’re getting a lot more “exercise” without even thinking about it in that way.

Life is meant to be an enjoyable journey not an endless round of suffering. Choose to have more joy and you’ll feel the difference in your body and in your spirit.

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